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Is customizing software your company’s core competency? Is information technology your company’s specialty? If not, you could be spending far more than you need. If you’re unsure about the cost-benefit differences between CAPEX and OPEX, contact us. At the PSO division of PRG, we help your organization realize the greatest ROI for your IT budget. Whether it’s adding more horsepower by augmenting your internal staff, or delivering a complete solution for your department, Professional Services Organization has your back. We are an elite trusted partner of many organizations large and small in the Pacific Northwest. Contact us today for an exploratory no-cost consult.

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How Valuable is Your Time?

We translate your unique requirements into sophisticated, stabile, highly-valuable solutions. What makes PSO so critical to an organization? We leapfrog conventional outsourcing. PSO leverages cutting-edge technologies, tried and true methodologies, innovation, and an out-of-the-box approach to problem-solving, as a catalyst for our client’s growth and efficiency. We don’t simply innovate internally. We move step-by-step with our clients, creating differential points that help gain them a competitive advantage. Metaphorically, we help our clients play chess while their competition plays checkers.

Innovation… it’s the difference between an average organization and an exceptional organization. Which are you? At PSO, we adopt digital innovation to convert your creative ideas into your competitive advantage. We help clients generate value out of the boldest ideas they have.

Do you have an ingenious idea and want to put it to work for your company? Your first question should be: ‘How do I know it’s viable? And what technologies can I apply to make it work?’ With us, you can easily have your ideas prototyped and validated, from both a technological and business perspective. Our engineers will perform a feasibility assessment, build prototypes, deploy your product, and scale it to fit your environment.

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Choices Have Consequences

In today’s demand for rapid and cost-effective perfection, the approach to design, build, test, and deploy is critical. Agile is the preferred choice for our methodology. At PSO, we leverage the best concepts from Agile to help our clients realize a faster ROI, higher quality products, reduced risk, and high customer satisfaction.

The advantage to our clients is that they can make small objective changes without huge amendments to their budget or schedule. The process involves breaking down each project into prioritized requirements, and delivering each individually within an iterative cycle. Scrum in particular, is an invaluable framework that helps us deliver high-quality, on-time, on-budget solutions for our clients.

When it comes to choices, you need to be able to rely on expert guidance to choose the best solutions for your business. Technology is instrumental in supporting your company’s growth. The value of IT-related initiatives are achieved by doing the right work at the right time. With an optimal IT environment, you can solve some of the toughest business challenges your company faces. And cost-effective solutions are not a dream. They are today’s business reality. At PSO, we leverage the advantages of both onshore and offshore resources. Our domestic center in Oregon is our onshore presence, while our international center in Pune, India, gains our clients affordable, reliable, high-quality advantages that won’t break budgets. The onshore/offshore model has proven itself a highly valuable approach to custom built solutions. PSO can help make it a reality for you.

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