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The Right Players, Right Now

We strive to match more than buzz words and acronyms. We ‘skill’ match – a level of recruiting sophistication well beyond that of most firms. It’s a level of understanding gained over years of doing what we do. Knowing what each engineering professional does on a daily basis helps our Recruiters read between the lines on resumes. Experience that is implied on a resume isn’t lost on our Recruiters. Hence, you’ll get the best and brightest from Engineering Resource Group, and in short order.

Advantages to Our Clients

How Valuable is Your Time?

Tired of agencies winging reams of resumes at you in the hope that they’ll get lucky? Does the shotgun approach to staffing your project really add any value to you as a busy hiring manager? ‘Hoping something sticks’ is not a viable long-term strategy for a successful staffing company. It’s sloppy, inefficient, and frankly, disrespectful. It not only wastes your time, it wastes ours… and our candidate’s.

Flooding you with resumes is not our style. Diligent, upfront information gathering is the key to locating and presenting top-notch candidates. We strive to ‘nail down the requirements’ ahead of time in order to operate at optimal efficiency. Knowing precisely what each of our clients look for saves everyone time.

No one at Engineering Resource Group will ever ‘sell’ you a candidate. The time it takes to decide is completely up to you. Unlike most agencies who will strong-arm you to ‘pull the trigger’ on their candidate, we will never rush you. Even at the risk of losing a solid candidate to another opportunity. We know that you know the risk of delay. We also know, implicitly, that we’re here for you, not the other way around.

Client Solutions

The Right Fit

The value-add of any professional, beyond their technical contribution, is their ability to share their experience, to interact, to effectively communicate, to proactively participate, in order to achieve a desired collective goal.

More than just the technical fit, we go further to ensure that each consultant has the personality and attitude to compliment your team. Matching ‘soft skills’ or ‘profiles’ is an art, and we excel at it. In fact, it’s been the hallmark of our founder throughout his staffing career. It is the basis of our recruiting philosophy.

The team at Engineering Resource Group seeks out these star-players and keeps them very close. These are the All Stars that we’re so proud to partner with. While they may not always be available when you need them, we know who they are. And they’ll be the first people we’ll call when your need arises. Unlike our competitors, we won’t send you the first available, we’ll send you the best available.

Roles & Positions We Staff

Civil / Structural
Draftsmen (AutoCAD, Pro/E, CATIA, SolidWorks)
Electrical / Electronics

Engineering Technicians
Energy Management
Instrumentation / Controls
Manufacturing / Processing
Oil & Gas
Plant / Facilities / MRO

Project Management
Quality / Lean / Six Sigma
Research & Development
Technical Publications
Technical Writers
Testing and Validation

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